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  • IgA deficiency

    Hi there, sorry I have been hard pressed to find an immunologist who understands the nature of breastmilk to answer this question for me. I am IgA deficient (pretty much I make none at all) does this then follow that my breast milk will not offer any IgA protection to my child?

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    If you are IgA deficient, then you are not producing much IgA and none will be available for transfer into milk. Remember, all human milk secretory IgA is solely derived from the plasma cells.

    So, sorry, your milk won't have much if any IgA.

    But you can certainly breastfeed and your infant will gain significant benefits from other immune components in breast milk. Your milk will still have lactoferrin, stem cells, white cells, lipopolysaccharides, and other wonderful factors. Numerous other factors in breast milk are not IgA modulated.

    So please, do breastfeed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.
    InfantRisk Center