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Breastfeeding RN stuck by needle need help asap

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  • Breastfeeding RN stuck by needle need help asap

    Good afternoon,
    A nurse I work with was just stuck with a dirty needle of a 2 month old micropreemie in NICU - Mom of NICU baby (who is providing her own pumped milk for her baby) has labs for everything in pregnancy besides Hep C. All her other labs were negative. Mom of NICU baby has agreed to lab testing, but in the meantime - is it ok that the breastfeeding RN continues to breastfeed and/or provide pumped milk? Breastfeeding RN's baby is 3 months old. Please advise. Thank you very much!!!

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    There are very few virus that are known to transfer into human milk, HTLV, HIV, CMV, and a few others. NOT hepatitis C.

    I think the mom with 3 month old should be able to breastfeed without a problem if the mom or infant is not positive for any of the above.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.