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Breastfeeding with complex PTSD

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    Unfortunately, your doctor is not aware of all the studies that have been completed with the transfer of fluoxetine into human milk. Levels in milk are quite low and thousands of moms have breastfed successfully while using fluoxetine.
    Below is a listing of all the studies that have been published. Overall, the outcome in infants is better in moms who are not depressed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

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  • SilasdeLuca
    started a topic Breastfeeding with complex PTSD

    Breastfeeding with complex PTSD

    Hello. My psychiatrist told me I should stop breastfeeding if I’m going to continue on medication. I saw him for the first time on Monday April 20th. I don’t feel right about this.
    Its been difficult to get help or taken seriously. He prescribed me Prozac but not a fast acting medication for my anxiety attacks. Is it possible to continue medication And breastfeed? Should I look around for another psychiatrist who supports my decision to breastfeed?