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High Potency Cannabis Linked to higher risk of Psychosis

Submitted by admin on 26 March 2019

This study suggests that Daily use of HIGH potency cannabis may be associated with higher rates of pyschosis. Daily users of high potency cannabis were 5 times more likely to encounter Psychosis. 

(My take on this...) Cannabis has a high attraction for lipid rich adipose (fatty) tissue. Once filled with daily use of high levels of THC, plasma levels probably rise signficantly leading to super high levels of THC in the brain leading to Psychosis.

Risk of Ocular Anomalies in Children Exposed in Utero to Antimalarials: A Systematic Literature Review.

Submitted by admin on 3 January 2019

This extensive review answered one of my long-time questions: Do the antimalarials cause ophthalmic damage when used in infancy?  This extensive reveiw suggests they don't and are apparently reasonably safe to use,  even in Breastfeeding mothers which we are asked about all the time.

Determination of Mesalamine levels in Human Milk as a Function of Dose.

Submitted by admin on 3 January 2019

This recently published study from my laboratories shows that levels of Mesalamine (5-Aminosalicylic acid) in human milk are exceedingly low. Despite the dose,  the relative infant doses in these 10 moms  (RID) were all lower than 0.1%.  Good news,  moms can safely use these products for ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Apparent Pediatric allergy to secondhand marijuana smoke.

Submitted by admin on 3 January 2019

Pediatric allergy to secondhand marijuana smoke

A six year old boy with severe asthma, which was not responding to treatment, was found to be allergic to secondhand marijuana smoke. He had daily symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. It was discovered that some family members had started smoking marijuana in the house, although never in the same room as the boy.

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