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Pregnancy and strabismus

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  • Pregnancy and strabismus

    Hey all,
    I'm pregnant for 4 months and I'm planning to get a botox treatment to get rid of my strabismus. I have already scheduled an appointment with Dr. Philip Solomon, an expert facial plastic surgeon in Toronto. But my mother in law advised me to postpone the appointment until my delivery. She told me that getting such treatment at this period of time is not safe for my baby and me. Is it so? While searching about this, I got an article about the same ( [URL][/URL] ). After reading it, I got even more confused. Since I have some difficulties and vision problems due to this crossed eyes, I need a solution ASAP. My eye related problems are increased when I got pregnant. This is disturbing me. I'm also wondering whether my condition will affect the eye health of my baby. What am I supposed to do? Any thoughts?
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    Botox is rated a P3-unknown-risk to fetus cannot be ruled out. After intramuscular injection, the toxin is not expected to appear in the systemic circulation. Therefore, risk to the fetus appears to be low. There have been several published reports of women who were receiving botulinum toxin injections who were pregnant or became pregnant who went on to deliver normal healthy babies but the numbers are small.

    I spoke with Dr Hale about this he recommends that it is probably ok to use the botox in pregnancy. He recommends using a reputable Ophthalmologist that will use the name brand Botox instead of a generic form, he states that when it is injected it properly it is unlikely to ever enter the plasma compartment or reach the fetus.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center