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Caffeine inte during pregnancy

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  • Caffeine inte during pregnancy


    I am a midwife ja IBCLC working in Finland
    Currently we have a recommendation to limit caffeine intakw to 200mg/ day.

    However I run into article in Neuropharmacology that is basically saying all caffeine exposure in Utero is risky.

    are there any new quidlinea done or to be considered due to this? Do ypu have more info

    Meri Haahtela
    reg Midwife, reg Nurse, reg Paramedic, IBCLC

    (Caffeine exposure in utero is associated with structural brain alterations and deleterious neurocognitive outcomes in 9–10 year old children
    Zachary P. Christensen , Edward G. Freedman , John J. Foxe *
    The Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory, The Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience, Department of Neuroscience, University of Rochester School of Medicine and
    Dentistry, Rochester, NY, 14642, USA)

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    Meri: The teratogenicity of caffeine has been debated for many years, and no one has yet really determined that it is teratogenic. While some studies in rodents at enormously high doses have suggested it may cause birth defects, there is nothing that really suggests that it is teratogenic, except this one new paper. My best advice is just to moderate the dose ingested, and even if possible, use caffeine free products. But one paper does not clearly substantiate teratogenicity of caffeine, when hundreds of others don't seem to find it.

    I'd suggest moderation.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.