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Botox while nursing

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  • Botox while nursing

    I know this is brought up a lot in previous threads, but I can’t see anything recent.
    What is the current recommendation- I’ve seen advice to wait 12 hours before nursing, 4 hours before nursing, and to wait a while to ensure I don’t show symptoms of illness.
    Thank you!

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    Nothing new. Botox is a specialized large molecular weight product isolated from botulinum toxin. I often advise to wait a few hours AFTER the injection to reduce any risk. Botox is always injected into muscle or other tissues, so as to keep it OUT OF THE PLASMA. Some small amounts may get into plasma but its really unlikely to enter the milk compartment. Waiting a few hours 4-12 hours after injection would probably eliminate ANY risk.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Hello Dr. Hale,

      I currently breastfeed my 10 mo old infant . I’m an anxious mother /individual . I have been suffering from jaw clenching which is particularly bad on one side . I’m in therapy, doing acupuncture, working out and wearing a night guard . Yet , It’s still driving me insane . Botox is a potential solution. I have been advised it would take approx 25 units per side (possible more for the more affected side). I did call the hotline and have read everything imaginable.. I am not finding clear about what to do with milk after injection. She likes to feed every 3-4 hours. Am I supposed to pump /dump the feeds that would be “missed” after injection ?


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        We suggest a pump and discard of the milk 2-4 hours AFTER the injection. Some smaller fragments of botulinum toxin may be present in the injection and we'd like for these to be eliminated via the maternal plasma before breastfeeding.

        I would discard the milk taken shortly AFTER injection.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.


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          The recommendation for nursing after receiving Botox injections can vary based on individual factors and medical professional advice. While there might be differing opinions, it's generally advisable to wait at least 4 to 12 hours after the Botox treatment before breastfeeding. This interval allows for potential initial diffusion of the Botox within the injection site, reducing the likelihood of it affecting the breast milk. Additionally, waiting until any potential side effects or symptoms, such as headache or mild discomfort, have subsided could provide added assurance. It's essential to consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance tailored to your specific situation. If you're seeking Botox ([url][/url]) treatments in Baltimore, trusted professionals in the area, like those at Botox in Baltimore, can offer expert advice to ensure a safe and comfortable experience while addressing your aesthetic goals.​


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            "In simple terms, Botox is a specialized product derived from botulinum toxin, but it's been modified for safe use. When it's injected, it typically targets muscles and tissues in a specific area. The idea is to keep Botox from entering the bloodstream (plasma) because that's where it could potentially pose a risk. Although a tiny amount might find its way into the bloodstream, the chances of it reaching the milk in breastfeeding are very low.

            To minimize any potential risk, it's often recommended to wait a few hours, usually between 4 to 12 hours, after getting a Botox injection before breastfeeding. This waiting period should help ensure that there's virtually no risk of Botox affecting breast milk during nursing.

            For more information on Botox treatments and related skincare services, you can reach out to experts at Lumiskins Skincare Clinic ([url][/url]). They can provide you with comprehensive guidance and insights on this topic."​
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