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  • Valium 2.5mg

    Hello, my Obstetric Physician has prescribed me 2.5mg Valium to take at night for severe restless leg syndrome. I started taking after week 10. Has anyone got any experience with this drug during pregnancy. Feeling quite nervous but restless legs were keeping me awake all night and obviously having no sleep was starting to affect my mental help. Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately, there are no really good therapies for RLS in pregnancy. Some docs use opioids for short times, but you run the risk of withdrawal in the infant after delivery. Be sure they check iron levels, which when low, can produce RLS. Be sure you have enough Folic acid in your vitamin ( about 1 mg daily).

    There is some evidence that Valium might produce complications in the fetus but its weak evidence at best. Diazepam does not appear to be a major teratogen but the possibility of a link to cleft lip/palate has been reported in the literature. Due to a possible adverse effect on the neurodevelopment of the exposed fetus, diazepam should not be used during pregnancy unless the benefit to the mother outweighs the risk to the fetus. Neonatal withdrawal syndrome may occur at term. Increased states of anxiety may also adversely affect pregnancy outcome & this should be considered prior to discontinuing this medication.

    Without other good therapies, I'd suggest you try the valium but try to use only briefly, not whole term.

    Tom Hale PhD.