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Fertilaid with Red Clover during weeks 11-13 of pregnancy

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  • Fertilaid with Red Clover during weeks 11-13 of pregnancy

    In a haze of pregnancy nausea and extreme fatigue, I did something incredibly stupid. I had run out of my prenatal vitamins and fishing around in my cabinet, came across the fertilaid I had from awhile ago when trying to conceive. IbdonI even know why I bought this stuff, I barely took it back then. Anyhow, I looked at the back and saw it has vitamins I need like folate and a quick Google search of "fertilaid prenatal" broighy me to their webpage where skimming info in my fatigue, I read that it can be used as a prenatal vitamin. I failed in my fatigue to read fine print that it should not be taken during pregnancy or pay attention to what herbs it contains.I didn't take it every day and rarely took all three pills.

    It has Red Clover, Vitex, PABA, Siberian ginseng, ginko biloba, all of which are contraindicated in pregnancy. The red clover is concerning me the most as it contains isoflavones that could have affected my baby girl right when her reproductive system was developing.

    My only hope is that the amount of herbs in the pills are negligible compared to the amounts fed in the limited animal research showing negative effects and that I didn't take it long enough to have any individual herb build up sufficiently.

    I did notice more nausea the past few weeks now resolving since I stopped taking these a couple days ago. Unsure if that was just pregnancy and I'm feeling relief now that I'm finishing the first trimester or if the pills were making things worse...

    I'm terrified that I harmed my baby girl.

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    We do not recommend herbs during pregnancy, however you took them only a short while. The red clover is safe in food amounts, just no safety data in medicinal amounts. The main concern with the most of these is the lack of data, and the estrogenic activity which could have caused you to have had a miscarriage. Your baby is probably ok. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center