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15 month old and Breastfeeding while...

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  • 15 month old and Breastfeeding while...

    Hello I know nice posted here before, but I was just wondering again. I got re-prescribed onto my Adderall XR 20mg caps and I got Amphetamine ER 20mg caps from my local pharmacy. My son is 26.7 lbs and he is 15 months old. He has never slept thru the night ad he breastfeeds once when he wakes up between 7-8 am, around nap time 12-1pm, before or after bath so around 5-6pm and again before bedtime which changes on busy days so between 8-10 pm and most nights he wakes up around 12-1am and maybe once more to BF. Is this okay to be taking if I take it after his first feeding. Also he only eats for maybe 5-10 mins and he has always been a very high maintenance I guess you would say and a big trouble maker! I HAVE BEEN taking 10mg d-amphetamine salts tablets and so far he has not shown any signs of agitation besides frustration from trying to do something a one year old shouldn't not know how to do like lighting a candle or opening a pop bottle. He doesn't seem to have insomnia he's always been a pro-night owl and he has yet to ever sleep through the night. He also eats real food with us when we eat.
    Anything helps!

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    Amphetamine ER is the generic of Adderall XR. I expect it to have a similar safety profile as the brand name drug.


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      Yes I know that but I was just saying what I was given if it helped with any medical advise on breastfeeding while taking it.


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        Adderall XR 20-40mg per day is reasonably safe while breastfeeding, as long as you are using it as prescribed. We give Adderall an L3(out of 5)("Probably Safe") with regards to its lactation safety. Toddlers get much less milk per day in relation to their body weight as compared with infants, and they are better able to tolerate incidental medication exposure. Just watch your child for any new signs of significant insomnia, agitation, or poor weight gain. In the absence of these symptoms, you can consider the medication safe for your situation. There are no "hidden" dangers of ADHD medications that we know of.

        -James Abbey, MD


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          Hi, Would you say the same to be true for an 11 month old? I have just been prescribed Adderall XR 20 to take 2-3 days a week.

          My 11 month old still nurses 3-5x a day. I intended to continue to breast feed her as normal and have read consistently to just monitor her.

          However, I am also taking Lexipro (10mg) daily, which I've been taking for several months and it has had no visible effects on her. Do you think the two combined are okay? I do intend to wean off of the Lexipro soon.


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            The two combined should be fine. Don't wean off your meds just because of breastfeeding concerns. That doesn't justify stopping something that works.