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Vyvanse 30mg and Welbutrin 150 mg

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  • Vyvanse 30mg and Welbutrin 150 mg

    I have ADHD and I take 30 mg of Vyvanse and 150 mg of Welbutrin. I am basically a non-functional person without them and I just can't handle stopping at this point. Are these 2 meds safe to continue while pregnant? And if not, is there a generally safe recommended ADHD pill for pregnant women? Thanks.

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    The amount of Vyvanse (LISDEXAMFETAMINE) that enters milk is about 1.8% - 6.2% of the maternal dose. Hence if you can keep you dose low, the infant won't get a lot. Just observe for excitement, insomnia.

    As for Wellbutrin, Bupropion is an older antidepressant with a structure unrelated to tricyclics. Human studies in breastfeeding women demonstrate only minimal amount of drug transfers into breast milk, less than 2% of maternal dose. However, two cases of possible seizure have been reported and the author has had at least 3 case reports in which bupropion may have suppressed the mothers milk supply.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.