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  • Geodon

    I'm currently taking Geodon and 24 weeks pregnant. I'm worried about the side effects in the third trimester and pregnancy. I take 120 mgs. After reading the side effects I'm worried that my baby will be a still born or have withdraw symptoms such as difficult breathing.

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    Geodon is rated a P3-unknown risk to the fetus cannot be ruled out. There are no adequate or well controlled studies in pregnant women. We have two case reports. The first was a woman who was on 40mg of Geodon and 60mg of Celexa during pregnancy, the baby was born at 39 weeks, was breastfed for 6 months and was considered to have normal growth and development by a pediatrician. The second was a woman who was on 160mg of Geodon and 2.5mg Fluphenazine through most of her pregnancy, she delivered a healthy full term baby, the infant had no neonatal complications and had normal development at one year of age.

    If you breastfeed after delivery it will help the baby with the withdrawal symptoms. Geodon is rated an L2- limited data-probably compatible. The amount transferred in breast milk is only 0.07-1.2% of your dose. Use during breastfeeding is probably safe. Monitor your infant for sedation or irritability, apnea, not waking to feed/poor feeding, extrapyramidal symptoms and make sure they are gaining weight.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center