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Fluticonasone propionate (Flonase)

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  • Fluticonasone propionate (Flonase)

    Is this medication safe during pregnancy? 30 wk pregnant mama is congested and uncomfortable, not getting any sleep, and Flonase usually works for her. She read online that it caused cleft palate in rabbit studies, but it seems to me at this point in development the palate complex should be fully formed. Any risks known with Flonase?
    thank you in advance.
    Betsy Hoffmeister, IBCLC

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    There is no evidence that intranasal fluticasone (Flonase) is teratogenic. See below.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    In a study of 12 pregnant women, the use of inhaled fluticasone did not increase the risk of pregnancy loss and birth defects.[1] In another study of 119 pregnant women who were asthmatics, the use of inhaled corticosteroids including fluticasone had no association on fetal growth or gestational age at delivery. [2] A meta analysis concerning the use inhaled corticosteroids during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes showed there was no increase in birth defects, preterm delivery, low birth weight or pregnancy induced hypertension. [3]

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