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  • Please Help, Sertraline

    Hello, i am in 50 mg a day of sertraline, i will be tomorrow 5 weeks pregnant. my Doctor told me it didnt caused birthdefect but i have found online otherwise. should i try to wean? (doctor supervision of course), is 50 mg a low dose?, would 25 mg be less bad? or is the damaged done?, also, is prozac a better option? please help!!!

    PD: i am on it for generalize anxiety disorder and PTSD.
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    By all means, stay on the Sertraline. Numerous good studies have found no real risk in using the SSRIs in pregnancy or breastfeeding. Rarely, some infants have a minor withdrawal at birth when high doses are used, but even this is not risky.

    Just remember, depression/anxiety disorders are far more dangerous for a pregnancy than this drug. And stay with Zoloft(sertraline), its he most popular with obstetricians.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.
    InfantRisk Center


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      In regards to this post and past posts: Is it highly unlikely that any harm would come from the sertraline long term? If in most cases we are hearing that children exposed to this medication are healthy, even up to 20 years old, would it be highly unlikely that anything would pop up later in their lives from the medication?


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        Thank you Dr. Hale and honey bear for answering, my doctor lower the dose to 25 mg and I am doing ok, than you so much for putting my mind at ease.


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            Take sertraline exactly as directed by your doctor. Take each tablet with water. Try to take sertraline at the same time each day. Sertraline may be taken with or without food. Do not stop taking sertraline without first talking to your doctor. It may take 4 weeks or more for you to start feeling better and you may experience unpleasant side effects if you stop taking sertraline suddenly.