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Minocycline in early pregnancy

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  • Minocycline in early pregnancy

    I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant today, and have been taking one 50mg capsule/day of Minocycline for the past 23 days for acne. I am absolutely terrified of the potential fetal harm I may have caused and have read online that many suggest a medical abortion if one took this medication when becoming pregnant. The thought of that, or potentially bringing a baby into the world who may suffer from health defects have me distraught. What would you recommend?

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    CHS: The tetracyclines in general are contraindicated in pregnant women, particularly since they cause severe dental staining, and bony abnormalities in third trimester exposures. That said, the relative risk of brief exposure, particularly in the first trimester, is generally low. Most dental staining and bone problems occur later in pregnancy in the last trimester.

    I'd suggest you have a discussion with your obstetrician, but from what I can read, the risk of anomalies is really quite low in your case.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.