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Remicade in pregnancy

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  • Remicade in pregnancy

    I am looking for up-to-date information on Remicade (infliximab) in pregnancy. I am taking 10 mg/kg every six weeks. I need to present current information to my rheumatologist this week as my next infusion is scheduled for this week. I was told that infliximab is category B, but rheumatologist says, no it is still in category C.

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    Hi i am new to this forum, i am currently looking for information on Enbrel injections ( similar to Remicade) i wondered did you get any information that you requested. I am currently pregnant and am looking for info on breastfeeding/enbrel? many thanks


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      I called and emailed Dr. Hale and got a very quick and thorough response. He and his team are great. I will go ahead with my Remicade infusion as scheduled.


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        Yes you are absolutely right I am also thinking like you.


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          Hi gphilli!
          There is no evidence that remicade increases your risk of fetal abnormalities, miscarriages or still births, which is great. And ultimately, it is often far more dangerous to risk flaring while pregnant than being on the Remicade. Also, the molecular structure of Remicade is so large that it does not pass easily into breast milk, so nursing seems to be okay. If remicade is the only drug your are on, I say go for it!