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Enbrel and Breastfeeding

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  • Enbrel and Breastfeeding

    Which organizations funded the studies relating to the safety of Enbrel to the infant while breastfeeding? Was Amgen or other pharma companies one of the sponsors?

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    Because Enbrel functions by affecting the immune system of the mother, is it known whether it decreases or eliminates the general cold immunity, auto-immune disease, & allergy prevention benefits of breastfeeding? Are antibody (IgA, IgG, ...) concentrations in the milk reduced? If the mother develops resistance to Enbrel, could those "resistance molecules" be passed to the infant via breastmilk? Thanks for the info!
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      I looked at the references on etanercept and I didn't find any "corporate" relationship published, just academic appointments.

      Lastly, per your question about would the mother's immune IgG pass to the infant, Possibly, but it would be almost certainly digested in the infant's gut without any likely absorption. I don't think its an issue to worry about.

      Tom Hale Ph.d.


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        Thank you. Following up here to be sure I understand - sounds like you're saying the "resistance molecules" shouldn't be worried about. What about the beneficial elements of breastmilk - breastmilk is "perfect nutrition" and provides immune benefits to the baby. Do immune benefits in the milk decrease or go away when the mother is on Enbrel, given that the drug compromises the mother's immune system? Thanks for the info.


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          No the maternal immune components (secretory IgA) would not be affected by this monoclonal antibody, Enbrel.

          Remember, there is virtually NO IgG immune globulins (normal or Enbrel) in human milk. Only secretory IgA.

          Tom Hale Ph.D.