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Oxycodone 10/325, 4 to 5xs a day

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  • Oxycodone 10/325, 4 to 5xs a day


    I think I may be 3 weeks pregnant. I take 10/325 of oxycodone, 4 or 5 times a day for chronic Pain. Been on it for 4 years and can't function without it. What will the adverse affects be? is the dose too high? What should I do?

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    How was your out come with your baby


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      We don't think that oxycodone is very teratogenic, nor is acetaminophen. That said, I would really suggest your try tapering your dose to reduce any possibility of problems with the fetus. Heavy prolonged use of acetaminophen is kind of hard on the liver.

      Also, be advised that your infant when born will be dependent on oxycodone and will go through withdrawal. This will probably require treatment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for up to several weeks to a month.

      You really need to talk with your obstetrician about withdrawing off this medication if at all possible.

      See your doctor.

      Tom Hale Ph.D.


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        If she tapered and was off at 30 weeks of her pregnancy would the infant still have issues? Trying yo find the best method.


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          If she tapered off the oxycodone carefully by 30 weeks, the infant would not likely show symptoms of withdrawal by delivery at 39-40 weeks. However, she should consult her obstetrician before attempting such a withdrawal as it could affect the infant and could affect delivery date. This is a risky process and needs close physician observation.

          Tom Hale PhD.