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Low dose of norco

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  • Low dose of norco

    Just found out I'm pregnant at 6 weeks, and wondering if i can taper off my low dose of norco. Was taking around 3.3mg a day before finding out, then went down to 2mg, then nothing for two days. Wondering if tapering off slowly is ok still at this stage? Any info helpful, thank you.

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    I think it is quite advisable to taper off many medications, including Norco. But, if you have persistent or uncontrollable pain, then you'd need to discuss this with your obstetrician. Sometime untreated syndromes are more problematic for a fetus than the medications.

    I'd discuss with your OB.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Dr. I have a question in regards to taking hydrocodone 10-325. I am now going on almost 35 weeks pregnant. I have been taking the pills daily for approximately 3 months, in last 3 weeks i have gone from 3 daily to 1 in fear my baby will have withdrawls. If i were to continue to take 1 daily what are chances of baby having withdrawls? Or should i stop completely now even if my withdrawls are making me feel like crap? Thank u


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