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  • Vitamin E supplements

    With a history of autoimmune disease (arthritis and Raynaud's), I experienced an exacerbation of my arthritis after my Covid vaccination. I want to receive the booster, and have a friend who had good success avoiding side effects by following a homeopathy protocol for a few weeks around the vaccine. This includes taking 268 mg of Vitamin E every day for 3 weeks. While I understand Vitamin E can be toxic for babies, would this amount of supplement in a mother be a problem for a breastfed 1 year old baby?

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    Hi Marion,

    The FDA recommends that the tolerable upper intake of Vitamin E for most lactating women is 1,000 mg per day (all sources combined, including dietary sources). It is pretty unlikely that you would exceed this safety limit.

    Dr. Krutsch, PharmD