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  • Advair/albuterol/singular

    I currently am breastfeeding my 6 week old baby. I suffer from pretty bad asthma and am concerned about the medicine since 2 of the 3 are category c drugs. I saw there was an old post regarding Advair but it didn't give a lot of info.
    I take albuterol about 2-6 times a day but try to pump or breastfeed either right before taking the albuterol or after I have waited the 4 to 6 hours from when I took the drug (I don't even know if this makes a difference since I assume the drug is in my system regardless since I take it regularly).
    When I feel I have been on albuterol too much, I take Advair to get the asthma in check. I take 250/50 dosage and try not to take that more than once a week.
    I haven't really taken the Singular because I saw there was a chance it could cause Churg Strauss syndrome although it was the category b drug.
    How concerned should I be about the meds getting into the breast milk and harming my baby? I read that in animals it could cause tumors/defects and in children can cause stunted growth but really would like to continue breastfeeding. Help!
    I want to continue to breastfeeding and so far haven't been successful with trying to supplement with formula as my baby violently throws up the formula but am concerned about the possible side effects of the asthma medicines.

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    I think you are completely over-concerned about these meds to the point that you are endangering your life. Going on and off these asthma medications is dangerous for you. The fact that you are taking albuterol 2-6 times daily tells me that your asthma is totally out of control and you need to see your doctor now. In asthma therapy today, we all recommend that you "maintain" the daily use of inhaled steroids in severe cases such as yours, and if necessary, use the prolonged-acting beta agonist drugs (serevent, etc) routinely as well (these are in Advair).

    None of these medications are a risk for a breastfeeding infant, millions of breastfeeding asthma suffers use them daily without problems for the infant.

    The biggest risk for your infant right now is your health. I suggest you have a long discussion with your physician and get on Advair routinely, or some other preparation that contains a steroid and a long-acting beta agonist, and get control of your symptoms. This going back and forth from one medication to another is hazardous. And using albuterol this often tells me your asthma is totally out of control.

    See your doctor now and get this taken care of.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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      Thank you for the information.
      Will do as recommended.

      *Also-can I freeze my milk after taking any of these medications?


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        Sure you can freeze your milk. Very small amounts of drug may be present, but it won't be a problem.

        Tom Hale Ph.D.