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  • Eucrisa

    I’m pumping for my 9 month old daughter and was just given Eucrisa topical for a small eczema spot on my face. She said it was safe, but after googling it looks like there’s no data to say it is safe. Can you provide any updated information, most of what I’m seeing is from 2018.

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    LMTHOMP: This is a rather unique product used for treatment of urticaria. Its small in molecular weight and is absorbed. It's actually measurable in human plasma, so I'm sure "some" of it might get into human milk. Its actually been used in pediatric patients, so I would assume it should be relatively safe for a breastfed infant. See below from the package insert.

    Tom Hale PhD.

    The safety and effectiveness of EUCRISA have been established in pediatric patients ages 3 months and older for topical treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis. Use of EUCRISA in this age group is supported by data from two 28-day adequate, vehicle-controlled safety and efficacy trials which included 1,313 pediatric subjects ages 2 years to 17 years of whom 874 received EUCRISA. The most commonly reported adverse reaction in subjects 2 years and older was application site pain.


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