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    I am a nurse and IBCLC, who is also nursing a 14 month old. I had to have a bone scan this week with GA67 (3.8 millicurie) and was told to wait 3 weeks until I could resume breastfeeding. I am pumping and freezing, on the off chance this milk might be useful in a few weeks. Should I wait 5 half-lives to use the milk? 10? The litterature I've found is very conflicting. I live in Montreal and do not know if I can have this EBM checked at a lab. Thank you.

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    Gallium 67:

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the International Commission on Radiological Protection issue guidelines for radiopharmaceuticals with the intent of delivering an effective dose of less than 1 mSv of radiation to the infant per procedure. The NRC advises that breastfeeding should be interrupted for a minimum of 1 week following a dose of 7.4 MBq, 2 weeks for 48.1 MBq, or 1 month for 148 MBq. The ICRP does not distinguish between different dosages and recommends breastfeeding interruption for at least 3 weeks or complete cessation. The 3.8 mCi equals to 140.6 MBq when converted.

    Close contact restrictions:
    Minimize extended close contact (e.g. co-sleeping or carrying infant in a sling) for the same period as the breastfeeding restriction.

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center