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  • Imojev

    Urgent request- Helping a breastfeeding mother who has erroneously received a Japanese Encephalitis vaccine called IMOJEV- I have found some sources saying it’s contraindicated (due to it being a live vaccine) and a couple saying breastfeeding can continue. Can you share any info?

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    While this Live Virus Vaccine is contraindicated (see below) according the package insert, there does not seem to be any real complications from its use in breastfeeding mothers early on.

    I'd suggest the mom continue to breastfeed.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    Use in Lactation: A developmental toxicity study in which female rabbits were subcutaneously administered the human dose of IMOJEV once between gestation days 6 to 18, or once on postnatal day 15, showed no effects on pup survival, growth and development.
    It is not known whether this vaccine is excreted in human milk.
    IMOJEV vaccination is contraindicated in breastfeeding women (see Contraindications).
    Studies with some other live, attenuated virus vaccines have shown that a lactating postpartum woman may secrete the virus in breast milk and infect a breast-fed infant.