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  • Oily Phenol Injection

    Hi, I've searched and can't find it. A client was given an Oily Phenol Injection for hemorrhoids. Afterward nursing him baby's poop smelled "sickeningly sweet" and the next time he pooped there were red streaks in it. The typical sources say it's not safe or unstudied. Is there any information on oily phenol injections here?

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    Dear Jdaltemara,

    There are no adequate and well-controlled studies or case reports on the use of oily phenol injections in breastfeeding women. We do expect well absorption of the oily phenol from the rectum, hence theoretically this could be the cause of the baby's symptoms, especially that we know phenol is very irritating to tissues. In the future if mum has to use this again, I would suggest interrupting breastfeeding for at least 24 hours.

    Tassneem Abdel Karim, MD
    InfantRisk Center