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Promacta (Eltrombopag)

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  • Promacta (Eltrombopag)

    I am having difficulty finding information regarding the safety of the use of Promacta for the treatment of ITP while breastfeeding. It appears to be highly protein bound (>99%) but the long half life (and potential effects/toxicities for baby) is concerning. Any information that you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dear Shamsieh2,

    I just discussed this medication with Dr. Hale, he thinks that levels in milk are probably going to be low, however even those small levels if absorbed by the baby can be enough to alter his platelet levels. Caution is urged if this medication is to be used while breastfeeding, as it is worrisome. He suggested that if the breastfeeding mother has to continue using it while breastfeeding, then watching the baby's platelet levels and liver enzymes would be a good idea.

    Hope this helps!

    Tassneem Abdel Karim, MD
    InfantRisk Center