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  • Digestaqure


    I am looking for possible ways to control my Crohn's disease naturally and this supplement was suggested. Curious to see if it's considered safe at the 8 capsules per day dosage to breastfeed a 15 week old healthy little girl. Information below:

    Ingredients and Definitions
    INGREDIENTS: (Earthly Definition)
    A proprietary blend of Immune Modulating Components consisting of:
    Stabilized long-chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules
    stabilized mannose molecules
    stabilized glucomannans
    stabilized glucopolymannans
    stabilized medium and short chain polysaccharides
    stabilized mucopolysaccharides
    stabilized glycoproteins
    stabilized glycolipids
    Also contains trace amounts of natural plant minerals

    Each capsule of DigestaQure
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    I looked this product, and it doesn't sound overly toxic, but who is to know for sure. So many herbal products are impure, adulterated, and of unknown content, that one runs a risk that the product may not have anything. If labelled correctly, I doubt this would be overly hazardous. But I can't tell you its safe for your infant, at all.

    I'd consult with you physician who treats your Crohn's disease, and see how fragile your syndrome is, and whether leaving proper therapy for this unknown product would be advisable in your case.

    Good luck

    Tom Hale Ph.D.
    Director, InfantRisk Center


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      Thank you for the response! I am wary and will certainly follow up. My gastroenterologist wants me to start pentasa in 6 weeks to maintain my remission achieved currently with entocort but told me I would need to stop breastfeeding at that point so I'm searching for a possible alternative. I know this isn't the right forum area but can you share information on pentasa?
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        Lindsaym: We have many moms who've successfully breastfed while using Pentasa. You should consider continuing to breastfeed.

        Tom Hale Ph.d.


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          If it is considered safe I will certainly continue to breastfeed. Obviously you and your staff are the experts in medications and lactation. Are the levels of pentasa in breast milk considered clinically irrelevant? Is the half life long or short? I know to watch for gastrointestinal symptoms but anything else to consider? I very much appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.


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            Dr Hale - I have posted very specific questions on my post in the Crohns forum "Entocort vs Pentasa for Breastfeeding". I thought it may be better to post in the correct forum. I tried my best to put my questions to words. I want to understand the minutia of the medication so I can make a very informed decision. Thank you again