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Sarapin (Pitcher Plant) Trigger Point Injections

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  • Sarapin (Pitcher Plant) Trigger Point Injections

    I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain fro the past 6 months. I have always been hesitant to take anything, so have just been icing and practicing massage therapy on my areas that hurt. I saw a physical therapist a few months back with little results. I recently turned to a chiropractor to begin adjustments as well as therapy. I recently got an MRI that showed I have a bulging disc in my cervical spine and cervical lordosis (straightening of the spine). I am using a posture pump to correct the lordosis but am still experiencing excrutiating pain that refers to my left shoulder cuff and goes all the way down my arm. My chiropractor would like me to do trigger point injections with the use of sarapin, it's a plant based injection with anti-inflammatory properties. There are no studies for breastfeeding mothers so she wants me to either wean the baby or not do it. My baby is 14 months old and has no interest in weaning (nurses approx 4 times a day), nor do I, but this pain is becoming debilatating. Does anyone have any ideas or guidance on this?