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  • CBD Oil - Breastfeeding

    My son is 11 months old and breastfeeds just twice a day. I recently suffered from Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss. Due to that I am now dealing with tinnitus. After doing some research I came across CBD oil and a number of people stating in helped with their tinnitus.

    Is it safe to continue breastfeeding if I try CBD Oil to manage my symptoms?

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    We do not have any data regarding the safety of CBD oil at this time so we are unable to comment on the safety of using it while breastfeeding.

    This was taken from an earlier post by Dr Hale:

    "There is virtually no research done on the use of Cannabis in breastfeeding mothers. The old stuff was not particularly good. I am getting ready to publish some new data but that is some months away.

    As for Cannabidol (CBD), while it appears to be somewhat safer than delta-9-THC, which produces psychological effects, Cannabidiol seems to be somewhat safer.

    But, we still do not know much if anything about it in breastfeeding or pregnant moms or its potential effects on neurobehavioral outcome in exposed infants. Tom Hale Ph.D."

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center