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Domperidone + breast cancer

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  • Domperidone + breast cancer

    I have a mother whose Dr is no longer renewing Domperidone script as the mother has a familial risk of breast cancer. The mother has never had breast cancer herself.
    I cannot find any literature supporting this "risk" only that those who have had breast cancer themselves need to discuss this with their Dr.
    I feel that the risk of the mother not breastfeeding (given fam Hx) is greater than the risk of taking Domperidone, but would like to know if there was any further info. The one study I found from 2004 has no abstract for me to look at. "Increase in Mammographic Breast Density Associated with the Use of Domperidone

    Jennifer A. Harvey MD*, James H. Cowan III MD andAlexander P. LoRusso MD
    Article first published online: 4 MAY 2004"
    Kind regards,
    Naomi Drew, IBCLC (Australia)

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    HI, Just wondering if someone could answer my question, or if it has been forgotten. Several mothers are interested (and a little worried) and would like to know what I have found.


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      Dear Naomi,

      I am sorry for the late reply, Dr. Hale was out of town, and i wanted to personally discuss your question with him. He thinks there is no reason for the mother not to use Domperidone. This risk was never documented in humans. On the contrary, not breastfeeding may increase the risk of breast cancer.

      Tassneem Abdel Karim, MD
      InfantRisk Center


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