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  • Action of Metformin

    Can you explain to me how Metformin works for a mom with PCOS? I am working with a mom currently who has delivered her 2nd baby ( pregnancy spontaneous this time) is a gestational diabetic on insulin and hypothyroid. I asked Endocrinology to consider giving her Metformin postpartum which she was off once pregnancy was established. The response from Endocrine was that they never use it afterwards but I couldn't thoroughly explain why it would be beneficial. I know PCOS is a complex syndrome and Metformin seems to help the body regulate itself for more normal functioning in many aspects. Can you give me more info suitable for a MD to consider?

    Laura W.

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    Action of Metformin

    Metformin works in PCOS, you can see it in detail by clicking on the following link:

    It can be used after pregnancy because of its benefits however we dont know yet if it helps in lactation. However Metformin is safe to use during breastfeeding, and has been used with no effects in the breastfed infant. Transfer of metformin to milk is minimal, and plasma levels are undetected in the breastfed infant. In one study of 61 nursing infants whose mothers were taking a median of 2.55 gm/day throughout pregnancy and lactation, the growth, motor and social development of infants was recorded to be normal.