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    Are the guidelines for Premarin cream the same as for Premarin oral?
    Mom is having pain and dryness and OB prescribed Premarin cream vaginally 1gram each night for 2 weeks, then 3 times per week. Infant is 4+ months. Mother tried combined birth control pill, but it lowered her supply. Mom's supply has always been very good, except for the short period of time she was on the combined oral contraceptive.
    Does Premarin cream vaginally have the same proclivity to impact a mother's supply as estrogen oral contraceptives?
    Thank you very much in advance.
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    Vaginal products are considered low-dose 'local' therapy, not systemic therapy. Oral estrogen products indeed produce significant plasma levels and have the "potential" to suppress lactation. Current thought is that the low dose vaginal preparations rarely produce plasma levels, but instead are generally considered "local" treatment for vaginal dyness and atrophy.

    As to whether the use of vaginal creams will suppress milk production, I do not know but suspect they will not.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.


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        The hormone thing is confusing me! I used to be on the pill but stopped taking about 2 years ago because once I hit my 30s and my hormone levels started fluctuating, the pill gave me weird side effects I didn't like. Sometime in the last year, the VV started up every month, about a week before my period. So it seems hormone-related to some degree.

        I'm still using the Premarin cream -- the flare subsided after my uro gave me some Urised and now I feel OK (except for some crazy mood swings) but still don't notice any appreciable difference in the VV. Still can't have intercourse or anything like that.