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Straterra because of high heart rate

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  • Straterra because of high heart rate

    I’m still nursing my 22 month old about 4 times per day. I was taking vyvanse but my doctors no longer want me to take that because of my heart rate becoming elevated. They want me to try Strattera 25mg to start. i see that caution needs to be exercised with strattera and breastfeeding. Would the fact that this is a toddler make a difference here? Could I somehow time her nursing schedule around the dosage? I am also concerned that it might reduce my milk supply. Are there any other options for mothers who have heart rate issues on stimulants but still need to have their adhd treated? (Wellbutrin does not help me much either.)
    thanks in advance,
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    at 22 months, I'm not sure you have enough milk production to transfer a lot of Strattera. However, if you choose to breastfeed observe for excitement, poor feeding and loss of appetite.

    Tom Hale PH.D.