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Vyvanse- 70 mg

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  • Vyvanse- 70 mg

    I have seen other threads that say we can take Vyvanse as long as it is an appropriate dose. I am prescribed 70 mg is this okay to breast feed with? We also plan on supplementing (I am currently pregnant) with formula so if there is a time frame I should wait between taking the medication and feeding we could supplement during that time.

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    IN YOUR CASE breastfeeding while pregnant, I'd suggest that the dose transferred in this rather minimal amount of milk during pregnancy, that the risk to the breastfed infant is rather low. As pregnancy continues, your milk volume will continue to drop (this is absolutely normal), thus, so will the dose of this drug.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.


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      Hi Dr. Hale,
      I am sorry I don't think I communicated well. I am currently pregnant with my first child whom I will breastfeed and supplement with formula. Will it be okay to take 70 mg of Vyvanse while breastfeeding?


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        Vyvanse is rated an L3-limited data-probably compatible. The amount that transfers into breast milk is 1.8-6.2% of your dose. It is most concentrated in the milk at 3.5 hours after a dose, and half is out in 6.8 hours. We recommend keeping the dose low preferably 30mg or less a day, then monitor your infant for agitation, irritability, poor sleeping patterns, poor weight gain. As long as your infant is not symptomatic then you could continue to nurse.

        Sandra Lovato R.N.
        InfantRisk Center