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Phendimetrazine tartrate and breastfeeding 20 month old

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  • Phendimetrazine tartrate and breastfeeding 20 month old

    I am a chronic pain patient with joint and back problems. Most pain medications and antidepressants I've tried have produced intolerable side effects (oxycodone, buprenorphine, duloxetine etc.).

    I started taking Lexamil (escitalopram) 20mg/day which works great, but I've gained 10kg (22 pounds) in two months and am struggling physically with the extra weight and increased pain.

    My doctor prescribed 35mg obesan x (phendimetrazine tartrate) once a day as apetite suppressant.

    The other option is Topiramate, but that leaves me even more tired and worn out (I used it for migraines before becoming pregnant).

    My daughter is 20 months old and comfort feeds during the night and around 5 times a day. I've always had to supplement with formula because of breast reduction surgery almost 15 years ago and have supply issues.

    I've read that Phendimetrazine isn't recommended while breastfeeding, though I think 35mg is the lowest dose. Would it be worth a try?
    Are there any other apetite suppressants I could try that are safer?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Phendimetrazine belongs to the amphetamine family, although it is only used to suppress the appetite. That said, most of the members in this family don't produce high levels in milk.

    With an infant this old, and only partially breastfeeding, I don't think I would worry about about its use in your particular case.

    Just observe for excitement, insomnia, and reduce appetite. I doubt you will see these.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.