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vyvanse and breast feeding related to growth issues?

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  • vyvanse and breast feeding related to growth issues?

    I've been taking 30 mg of Vyvanse for several years for ADHD. I stopped when I found out I was pregnant and started back on 20 mg when I returned to work from 9 weeks of maternity leave. I did research and contacted Dr. Hale's office and it seemed like it was ok to get back on it because I take a low dosage. I pump at work and breast feed at home, but he eats more than I pump so we do 80-90% breast milk and supplement with formula. My son was 8lbs 11oz when he was born and in the middle of the growth chart. He started going to daycare when I went back to work and came home sick within the first week. He got sick pretty often after that so when he started going down on the growth chart I contributed it to that. His lowest score was right after he was in the hospital with bronchiolitis. He hasn't been sick as often since then and has been steadily gaining weight, but he's still below the 50% range for both height and weight. His father was always high on the growth chart and we're both tall (though we have a few short family members). He's a year old now and still breastfeeding and after doing more research I'm worried that the Vyvanse has had an effect on his growth. He's never shown any of the other symptoms that I was told to watch out for (trouble sleeping, irritability, etc). Vyvanse really helps my productivity level at work and at home so getting off of it is a big deal, but I will if necessary. Are there any studies or medical advice that could help me make an informed decision? Also is it possible to have my breast milk tested so I know how much of the medication he's getting?

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    It is difficult for us to answer this question. The primary side effect of Vyvanse in an infant would be excitement, and maybe anorexia, or loss of appetite, but we almost NEVER hear of these side effects with the amphetamine family in breastfeeding infants. This could account for "reduced" weight gain. But remember, 50% of infants are still below that percentile.

    I really doubt that Vyvanse had anything to do with this at all. Both of my grand boys were well below the 50% percentile all during childhood, and they'll probably end up taller than 6' 2 in. . In pediatrics we often speak of 'constitutional growth delay" where children continuet to grow later in adolescence (say 16 years) and continue to grow until 18-19 years. My children were the shortest kids in their class, and now are all quite tall.

    I'd quite worrying about them. Have a talk with your pediatrician. He/She should know this stuff.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.