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Xylometazoline (Otrivin)

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  • Xylometazoline (Otrivin)

    Hello! I would like to ask if Otrivin nasal spray (xylometazoline) is safe. Thank you in advance.

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    "No reports are available regarding the use of xylometazoline during lactation and effects on the infant with exposure of the drug in human milk are unknown. Generally, use of topical agents possess less risk than systematically absorbed agents. However, xylometazoline may be absorbed systemically when used nasally. Caution is warranted when contemplating use of xytometazoline while breastfeeding." (Medications ansd Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale) This medication could reduce your milk supply, and cause insomnia, nervousness, and excitation in your infant. "Oxymetazoline is the preferred decongestant for use in breastfeeding as it has minimal absorption and is given intranasally. Does not decrease milk production like pseudoephedrine. Oxymetazoline should only be used briefly, no more than 3 days. Monitor infant for insomnia, nervousness and excitation. Avoid using oxymetazoline in infants with cardiac symptoms or hypertension." (Medications and Mothers' Milk database, Dr Thomas Hale)

    Sandra Lovato R.N.
    InfantRisk Center


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