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Buscopan aka hyoscine butylbromide

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  • Buscopan aka hyoscine butylbromide

    My doctor has prescribed me with buscopan for my IBS to take 3 times daily. I did tell her I was breastfeeding, I've taken one tablet then read the leaflet only to find it says it is not recommended whilst breastfeeding, I then did some googling to be faced with the same answer, not recommends whilst breastfeeding. What should I do? Is it safe or has my doctor been mistaken?

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    The contents of Buscopan vary according to country, but in Canada is it Scopolamine also called hyoscine. I don't think its much of a risk for a breastfeeding infant. Its less than 8% absorbed orally in mom and probably in infants as well. Hence any in breastmilk is unlikely absorbed in clinically relevant amounts.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    ----from MMM 2014 -------

    Scopolamine (also called hyoscine) is a typical anticholinergic used primarily for motion sickness and pre-operatively to produce amnesia and decrease salivation. Scopolamine is structurally similar to atropine but is known for its prominent CNS effects, including reducing motion sickness. There are no reports on its transfer into human milk, but due to its poor oral bioavailability it is generally believed to have minimal absorption in the the infant. However, following prolonged exposure in a newborn, some anticholinergic symptoms could appear, and include constipation, and urinary retention.


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      I am suffering stomachache.dr suggested me to take Flagyl 500 quinox 500 buscopan . I took one day medicine after that I stopped that medicine2days before shall I breastfeed my baby. I am confused the drug will affect the baby or not


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        Medication during breastfeeding


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          i am suffering from stomach ache dr suggested me to take flagyl500 quinox 500 and buscopan I took one day medicine only after that I quit the medicine exactly 2days before si was feeding him 2 days before shall I feed my baby now is it safe for him


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            The medicines are almost completely gone out of your system at 48 hours, it is safe to breastfeed now.

            Sandra Lovato R.N.
            InfantRisk Center


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              For other readers reference, it is considered safe in Australia.

              Ref: [url][/url]