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Lamictal, lorazepam, and prozac

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  • Lamictal, lorazepam, and prozac


    I had great Dr who was very knowledgeable about meds and breastfeeding, unfortunately my insurance ran out and I am not able to see her anymore. I'm going to a community clinic and would like to know my options. I've tried many anti depressants with no relief, but the combo of lamictal 150 mg, klonopin 1 mg x2 daily and prozac 20 mg was working well for me before pregnancy. During pregnancy and postpartum I took lorazepam .5 mg 2x daily. I've been off a few months and would like to restart taking them. My daughter is 14 months and still nurses often. Would the lamictal, prozac, and lorazepam be a safe combo or should I stick with just the lorazepam? Is xanax an option? I've had great relief with that in the past.

    Thank You.

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    At 14 months, you don't need to worry about any of these drugs in your infant. By this time your milk volume is much lower, your infants capability to handle and metabolize drugs is excellent.

    I would however warn against the use of Xanax. It's too addicting, and transfers into milk at much higher levels than lorazepam (Ativan).

    Tom Hale


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      Thank you. Should I be monitoring her for rash or get her serum levels checked?


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