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Breastfeeding at 100 mg Zoloft

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  • Breastfeeding at 100 mg Zoloft

    Dear Dr. Hale,

    I have been prescribed 100 mg of Zoloft for my OCD but since I have a 2 month old baby my psychiatrist has told me to pump and dumb the breastmilk during high concentration. He told me to breastfeed only between 7 to 8 hours after taking med and then 1 hour before taking the med. It is so hard to see my little one crying for the breast milk when I can't give him. And every morning when I have to throw 250 ml of breastmilk to the drain it is very upsetting that my baby could have that .

    Please advise if I really have to throw this milk or if I can breastfeed anytime on 100 mg of Zoloft.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    p.s: I currently live in UAE (Alain) and not a lot of psychiatrists are available in my place.

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    This is poor advice. We have dozens of studies and tens of thousands of mothers who have breastfed using Zoloft. It's considered one of the best SSRIs to use while breastfeeding. Because it has such a long half, there is no way to avoid a peak level.

    Id suggest you go back to breastfeeding full time and not worry about it at all.

    Lastly, studies clearly show that levels in milk are simply non clinical.

    Tom Hale Ph.D
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      Dear Dr Hale,

      Thank You so much for your prompt reply. My baby was born early at 36 weeks but was perfectly fine and didn't need any intensive care.
      Since he was not full term, does that affects him somehow if I breastfeed him full time while taking Zoloft? Also what signs should i watch to make sure my little one is not getting affected?

      I also wanted to share something amazing that I observed while dumping my breastmilk. Since I'm in UAE the weather is horribly hot here. Last week it was the hottest place on the earth. I was throwing the milk on the hot dry dessert mud once a day. But amazingly that area of the mud would still remain wet and smooth where I was throwing the milk even under the dazzling hot sun. The water would absorbs in secs but not the breast milk. This is how good the breast milk is and this is just amazing.


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