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Supplements for depression and Anxiety that are OK during breastfeeding

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  • Supplements for depression and Anxiety that are OK during breastfeeding

    Hello, Do you happen to know if Deplin 15 mg (l methylfolate) for depression and Inositol powder 1 teaspoon 3xD for anxiety are OK during breastfeeding? Are there any other supplements that you would recommend for depression/and /or anxiety during breastfeeding. Thank you

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    L methylfolate is Ok to use during breastfeeding, its the active metabolite of folic acid. Inositol is probably OK as well, as it is considered generally safe.

    However, large doses as above of these in a breastfeeding mother may lead to higher doses in milk, and we can't tell you that at these doses it would be SAFE for a breastfed infant.

    I'd recommend caution, using lower doses to begin with, and if it doesn't work then get off the stuff...

    Below is from my Book.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.

    L-Methylfolate, also called Metafolin, is the active biological isomer of folate and the form of circulating folate. Approximately 10% of the population lacks the enzymes necessary to metabolize folic acid to L-methylfolate. L-Methylfolate is the form transported across cell membranes, and is bioactive. No data are available on the transport of this form of folate into human milk. However, several studies of folic acid supplementation in breastfeeding mothers suggests that folate is actively transported into human milk, but most importantly, supplementing of the mother only marginally if at all, increases milk folate levels.[1,2] This suggests that even following supplementation, milk levels would be unlikely to increase, unless the mother is deficient. Thus, this product is probably not hazardous to use in a breastfeeding mother.