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Cilift (Citalopram) and St John's Wart

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  • Cilift (Citalopram) and St John's Wart


    I take Cilift 20 mg once daily.

    My Doctor has asked me to take St John's Wart for one month.

    I am worried that the St John's Wart could possibly contradict with the Cilift. The doctor says that it shouldn't cause a serotonin over load becuase I am only taking the St John's Wart for one month.

    Are both of these meds fine to take TOGETHER and breastfeed a 4 YEAR old?

    Thanks so much

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    St John's Wart does impede the metabolism of most all SSRIs, including citalopram and potentially hundreds of other drugs. It would dramatically increase plasma levels of Citalopram in a matter of days. I would not at all recommend the use of SJWart with most any drug. It blocks the metabolism of many drugs and is considered VERY risky when using most any medication that is subject to metabolism in the liver.

    Lastly, real St. John's Wart is hard to find. I would estimate that more than half of the bottles on store shelves don't really have it in them. It's really subject to fraudulent sales. Only someone really experienced in SJW would probably know the difference.

    I don't ever recommend this product. What if you infant became sick and need something, its possible your use of SJW could drastically increase levels of those drugs in your infant.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.