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Lexapro and Autism: 7 week old

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  • Lexapro and Autism: 7 week old


    I was prescribed lexapro while pregnant and decided not to use it due to unforseen issues that could arise with a developing fetus. I had my son, he was a large 9 pound, 8 ounce baby at birth and is now 13.5 pounds at 7 weeks old. A few questions come to mind, do you think with him being a heavier baby that his ability to handle/metabolize with minimum effects would be better? My oldest step son has aspergers and from all the research I have done, it appears that ASD comes from having a genetic disposition and/or phenotype that may or may not show itself in the child as the child ages and I don't want to increase my sons odds of having autism by taking/continuing to take a drug that might increase his odds. With that being said however, I've been taking Lexapro for about two weeks now and have seen no reaction in my son but he's a baby and I'm unsure about long-term effects. I did read somewhere that lexapro decreased fertility in lab rats... so there are some negative studies done.

    Looking for some insight as to what to do. Zoloft does not work for me as it makes my anxiety worst and more short-tempered than I naturally already am.

    Thank you so very much!