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Med cocktail and adding more?

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  • Med cocktail and adding more?

    I am taking cymbalta 60mg, wellbutrin 150mg, and abilify 5mg. I started when baby was 1 month and she is now 3 months. My psychiatrist is ok with these meds but will not add back klonopin like I was taking before breastfeeding unless I stop. He says the baby will have seizures, but I can't find anything that shows babies having seizures from klonopin. I need this medication and will either stop breastfeeding next week or convince him it would be ok to take 1mg in the morning.

    Do my other medications affect klonopins absorption by baby?

    I'm hoping if I can show him info from this website he will change his mind. There are a lot of threads with people using klonopin and other drugs, I just don't know if these ones specifically would do harm. I feel like his info on benzos is maybe either outdated or overly cautious and want a 2nd opinion. If this cocktail is bad for baby then I will just switch to my supply of pumped milk (1000 oz) and then formula.

    I tried calling and didn't get anyone, but can try again if you need me to.

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    This is an interesting suggestion, that a anti-seizure medication (Klonopin) will 'cause' seizures. The only drug present in this mix that may lower the seizure threshold is wellbutrin, not Klonopin. I've looked and there is no drug-drug interaction between bupropion and clonazepam.

    Tom Hale Ph.D