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Minocyline and 5 year old

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  • Minocyline and 5 year old

    I was prescribed minocyline 100mg BID for severe rosacea. They did not specify an end date.

    My 5 year old is still nursing albeit sporadically. Typically it's only once a day for a few min. Somedays more but occasionally he skips a day altogether. I have no idea how much milk I'm actually producing but obviously it's a small amount.

    Am I ok to stay on this indefinitely or should I keep it to 6 weeks or less?

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    The duration you take minocycline is dependent on the syndrome you're treating. This will be determined by your physician. For lyme disease, its generally 3 weeks sometimes 5 weeks. For acne or other syndromes, it can last years.

    However, after 5 years I doubt you are making minimal quantities of milk, if any at all, and thus the risk of minocycline to your infant is remote.

    Tom Hale Ph.D.