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Levaquin 750mg q daily x 10 days

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  • Levaquin 750mg q daily x 10 days

    Diagnosed with a stye, given Neomycin eye gtts and PO Levaquin, 750mg daily x 10 days.
    Baby is 2 months and typically I pump during the day to feed breast milk at night. Was told by pharmacy to pump and dump for 10 days plus 5 half lives to ensure full clearance. No word yet from the OB or the pediatrician.
    Last post here was 2016 and dosage was 500mg x 5 days with a wait of 2-3 hours after dosing to nurse/pump.
    Any recommendations for this higher dosage and longer duration such as the need to pump and dump or ability to nurse or pump without causing distress other than the aforementioned vomiting/diarrhea/thrush/rash for all nursing moms taking antibiotics?

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    Levaquin is a rather strong antibiotic and we seldom recommend its use in a breastfeeding mother. The levels in breastmilk have been reported but its not really a clear report. I estimate that about 10-17% of the maternal dose will get to the infant. It will probably be somewhat less but still significant.

    I'd call the physician that recommended this product, and see if he/she would be willing to use some other drug for this infection. A cephalosporin, penicillin, or something else.

    I would not recommend you use Levaquin at a dose of 750 mg daily while breastfeeding.

    Tom Hale Ph.d. R.Ph.