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Tramadol while nursing?

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  • Tramadol while nursing?

    So I was just diagnosed with probable Fibromyalgia, I have intense pain all over and have a 6 month old baby I am breastfeeding. My general prescribed me some things for pain relief but then said i needed to check with the pediatrician to get the ok to take them or stop nursing. He prescribed me Tramadol / Ultram as needed every 6 hours (I have taken these while breastfeeding a few times for a back issue awhile back with no notable reaction) but the pediatrician has now told me not to take it at all and to stop nursing, he told me not to even take over the counter stuff. I am at a dilemma as I am in intense pain and the baby will need to be weaned since she will not take a bottle yet. Can you suggest any ways to take the the tramadol while weaning the baby for minimal drug deliver to the baby? I am just in a pickle and can hardly function due to the pain. My goal was to try to nurse for another few months but this has put a thorn in my path to that.
    The other items he prescribed for me are Celebrex and flexoril.

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    Tramadol is an analgesic agent that closely resembles opiates. New data seem to suggest that transfer into milk is low. The relative infant dose was 2.24% and 0.64% for rac-tramadol and its desmethyl metabolite, respectively. No significant neurobehavioral adverse effects were noted between controls and exposed infants. Based on these studies, it may be concluded that tramadol is compatible with breastfeeding. For more information, contact the InfantRisk Center at (806)352-2519.