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Drotaverine hydrochloride; Papaverine hydrochloride and Breastfeeding

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  • Drotaverine hydrochloride; Papaverine hydrochloride and Breastfeeding

    Hi. I'm trying to find information about the compatibility of few medications with breastfeeding. I've got Medication and mothers' Milk, 2010 but I couldn't find them in it. Medications are
    - NO SPA 40 mg tablets with active ingredient drotaverine hydrochloride;
    - Papaverine with active ingredient Papaverine hydrochloride 50 mg;
    - Spasmalgon with active ingredients Metamizole sodium 500 mg, fenpiverinium bromide 0.1 mg and pitofenone hydrochloride 5 mg.
    Could you help me please? Do you have any information about them?

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    Mother had a terrible headache and she took spasmalgon. Now she is pumping. When can she continue her breastfeeding? Thank you for you answers


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      It looks like about 12 hours is all she needs to wait. The fenpiverinium does not get into breastmilk much and the pitofenone is relatively non-toxic to babies.

      -James Abbey, MD