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  • Baclofen

    I was recently prescribed Baclofen 10mg, PRN for Chronic back pain spasms, up to three times a day. I have found conflicting information via general internet searches. Is it safe to take while breastfeeding my 6 month old, healthy baby?

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    This is what I know.

    Baclofen inhibits spinal reflexes and is used to reverse spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord lesions. Animal studies indicate baclofen inhibits prolactin release and may inhibit lactation. Small amounts of baclofen are secreted into milk. In one mother given a 20 mg oral dose, total consumption by infant over a 26 hour period is estimated to be 22 ?g, about 0.1% of the maternal dose (authors estimate). Milk levels ranged from 0.6 ?mol/L (138 ?g/L Cmax) to 0.052 ?mol/L at 26 hours. The maternal plasma and milk half-lives were 3.9 hours and 5.6 hours, respectively. It is quite unlikely that baclofen administered intrathecally would be secreted into milk in clinically relevant quantities. When infant is exposed in utero, a serious discontinuation syndrome in the infant may result.

    Tom Hale