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  • Tramadol

    i have been prescribed 50-100 mg of tramadol for pancreatic pain. I read about the possible of being a rapid metabolizer which is why there was an increased warning associated with this medication. I have taken codeine cough medication a few months ago without realizing that codeine also fell into this category. My twins were 3-4 months at that time and we experienced no adverse reactions while I was using the cough medication. My questions is, if they were fine when I was taking the cough med, does that mean we are t rapid metabolizers? I'm concerned about using the tramadol because of the increased warning. How long would I "pump and dump" if I took a dose of the tramadol if I needed to? Does it lessen the amount of medication they would get if I mixed 1-2 ounces of of breastmilk with 4 ounces of previously frozen milk or formula?

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    More or less you are correct. Rapid metabolizers are rather uncommon. If you have an exaggerated response to Codeine, you might as well to Tramadol. Unlikely in your case.

    Tom Hale Ph.d.